Gasket, C band 1/2 thick, RF-Blocking (PN: RF-SuperShield-Chalf)











Super RF-blocking and moisture-blocking C band gaskets, used at flange junction for CLNBs and FILTERS and FEEDHORNS on sat-dish. Mandatory for use on sat-dishes that are located within 500 feet of 5G cell tower. Block powerful new 5G cellular interference from entering the filter cavity and destroying desired satellite reception. RF-SuperShield will ensure good reception after 5G cell interference turns-on. RF and moisture seal when mounting CLNB-to-Filter and Filter-to-Feedhorn. This is a half-thickness gasket, used in the standard configuration when groove is on CLNB CPR229 flange and smooth on corresponding filter flange. Always folow smooth-to-groove flange mating rule for proper seal. Stops both RF and water leaks. Permanent lifetime solution.

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